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466DISK 1 question and half boot slug

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  • Byron & Shannon
    Nov 30, 2004
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      Loaded unslung-standard-2.14. Installed/Upgraded packages for
      Busybox and others. I to hate the name DISK 1 and tried to change
      it to Public in the file /share/hdd/conf/share/share.info.

      Changed from:
      DISK 1=0:1:For everyone:/public/:administrators:7
      Public=0:1:For everyone:/public/:administrators:7

      File overwritten back to DISK 1 but now the slug will not boot the
      whole way. Can still telnet in but not sure where to start to
      figure out where it is haning.

      NOTE: if easier to image back and slung again no data lost just time
      coping over and setting up (but that was play time).

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