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464Re: Who's got TwonkyVision+NSLU2+Media Player working...

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  • Bob
    Nov 30, 2004
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      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "mshilly" <mshill@r...> wrote:
      > Is there anyone out there using the NSLU2 with the TwonkyVision
      > Server to serve up media to a remote hardware media player?
      > What player do you have?
      > Wired or wireless network?
      > Are you serving more than just MP3s? Video?
      > I need to know what hardware media player will work best with the
      > TwonkyVision server and which actually works at all while playing
      > streamed video (.vob, .mv2, .mpg, etc.)
      > From all the FUD on the web it looks like none of the media servers
      > is perfect.

      I'm using the TwonkyVision 2.4 media server on my MSLU2 serving a
      D-Link DSM-320. I have the DSM-320 wired. With this player it's hard
      to tell if the problems are the player software, the server software
      or most likey, both. The UPNP protocal may be part of the problem too.

      I have evertying set up to send MP3's, Pictures, and a couple of
      videos. The MP3's and Internet radio work fine. Dealing with long
      lists of music (several hundred artist) is slow, I suspect this is
      caused by a combination of the NSLU2 and the UPNP protocal. Pictures
      and slide shows work OK too. The videos I've tried worked fine. I
      have some really old short .mpg files and I played a couple of .vob
      files from a ripped DVD. Video wasn't a priority for me but lots of
      reports of problems with audio sync and such with other formats. I
      also didn't try and FF/RW on the video.

      The user interface on the DSM-320 seems clunky to me. It also locks up
      hard for no reason every now and then. I think this is the cheapest
      box that will do all three types of media and it's preformance
      reflects that.

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