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461Re: Who's got TwonkyVision+NSLU2+Media Player working...

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  • Ray
    Nov 30, 2004
      mshilly wrote:
      > Is there anyone out there using the NSLU2 with the TwonkyVision
      > Server to serve up media to a remote hardware media player?
      > What player do you have?
      > Wired or wireless network?
      > Are you serving more than just MP3s? Video?
      > I ask because I posted last week about my success with the
      > Audio/Video performance of the NSLU2 providing 3 PCs (running windows
      > and either WinDVD4 or PowerDVD and Windows Media Player) each with
      > full DVD quality audio/video file and MP3 file playing
      > simultaneously. I want to now have the NSLU2 serve up the same type
      > of media to my entertainment center.
      > I need to know what hardware media player will work best with the
      > TwonkyVision server and which actually works at all while playing
      > streamed video (.vob, .mv2, .mpg, etc.)
      > From all the FUD on the web it looks like none of the media servers
      > is perfect.
      > I have already visited the TwonkyVision site and it is real hard to
      > tell if anyone is having any success at all, especially with video.
      I DO!

      I've got a NSLU2 running unslung 2.12-beta. On my slug I'm running
      Twonky 2.4, which is serving a D-Link DSM-320 running firmware 1.04. I
      have a wireless "g" network. My setup is working "acceptably" well.
      The biggest problem I'm having is keeping the wireless connection
      stable. My office and family room are at the exact opposite ends of a
      2800 sq. foot home and the wireless signal sucks in my family room. As
      for the media server/player. It works great. I use my personal pc with
      a tuner card upstairs as my DVR, screw you TIVO. I'm also serving up my
      400 cd collection, and some of my favorite internet radio stations like
      www.radioparadise.com without any problem. I think the DSM-320 is still
      a couple of firmware releases from being ready for prime time but I
      think it will be greatly stabilized in the next 3-6 mos.
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