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4581Re: philips portable hdd - not working with unslung6.8, will it work with openslug?

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  • ephejasus
    Jun 1, 2006
      I tried to answer my questions myself:

      > my philips portable hdd (usb 2.0, 250GB) is not working with
      unslung6.8. I am wondering whether I should try installing openslug.

      So i installed openslug and voila - the drive perfectly works with
      openslug. So to me the answer to my next question seems to be clear:

      > General question: why is the slug so choosy about the usb-drives. Is
      > it a hardware problem, did linksys implement only limited drivers,
      > is it something else?

      It's not a hardware problem but one of the linksys drivers.

      Now a new question:
      Is there a possibility to trace down the problem in unslung6.8, solve
      it and create a kernel or kernel module that works?

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