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4348Re: How to do incremental back up from disk 1 to disk 2 on the same NSLU2

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  • h8dc
    May 3, 2006
      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, manza7 <manza7@...> wrote:

      > . NSLU2 only provides a drive backup (disk 1 to disk 2) which is a
      > backup with no incremental capability. My data is over 100G and I
      view doing
      > a full backup daily as unnecessary wear and tear on backup disk.
      > daily backup is less than 500 Meg.

      Depends. This has been my experience for the past year...

      I use the drive-to-drive backup and it works well. I don't have as
      much data as you, but a full drive-to-drive backup takes 2 hours here
      nonetheless. But I get incremental backups as well.

      Here's the secret - if you do a backup using the Linksys
      webpage "start backup now" button, it *WILL* do a full backup every
      time. However, if you SCHEDULE the drive-to-drive backup, it will do
      incremental backups after a full backup has been performed either with
      the "start backup now" button or if it does a full backup (if it needs
      to) when the scheduled time rolls around. Actually, I believe it's
      syncronized as opposed to incremental since files removed from disk1
      are removed also from disk2.

      Elaborating further... I have drive-to-drive backups enabled 1 day a
      week. My slug hasn't done a *full* backup in about 6 months. But the
      contents of both drives are identical (I check every now and
      then :) . If I ever want to do a full backup (for whatever reason), I
      go to the webpage and click the "start backup now" button, takes 2-3
      hours, then finishes. On the next scheduled backup time it does
      incremental backups from then onward.

      Caveats.. If you disable the drive-to-drive backups and/or change
      disk2 in any way, and then re-enable the drive-to-drive backups, the
      system will think disk2's a new drive and on the next scheduled backup
      time it *will* do a full backup. Disk2 should be transparent.

      If this is what you're aiming for, give it a try. Schedule a backup
      time in the webpage for some time in the future. Hit the "start
      backup now" button to get a full backup, let it finish, and see what
      happens when the SCHEDULED backup time arrives. Has worked flawlessly
      here for quite some time.

      p.s. Works with V2.3R29 and V2.3R63 linksys firmware. And a shame
      it's not documented.

      Hope this helps!
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