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4098Re: [nslu2-general] Multiple library support for mt-daapd

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  • Ben Firshman
    Apr 12, 2006
      The way I got round this problem was by splitting up the music into
      multiple directories, then creating a playlist just for these

      "Library 1" {
      path includes "/store/music/1"

      "Library 2" {
      path includes "/store/music/2"

      and so on. Most clients (iTunes included) are then smart enough to
      treat these playlists as separate libraries. Nice script though!


      On 11 Apr 2006, at 21:04, peter richard wrote:

      > Hi,
      > I have over 120 Gb of music, audio-books and movies on my Slug served
      > out to iTunes players using mt-daapd. The only trouble with this is
      > the
      > lack of multiple library support under mt-daapd. So I written an cgi
      > and daemon that allows you to split your media library into multiple
      > directories (AKA "Libraries") and choose the one you want. It then
      > signals the daemon (which has the necessary root privileges) to kill
      > and restart mt-daapd, so that in a minute or so the new library is
      > available to the network. All this can be done via any web browser
      > which is much easier then logging in as root via ssh or telnet and
      > issuing a series of commands to accomplish the same thing. Also the
      > daemon can be configured to keep mt-daapd alive, in case you
      > inadvertently killed it using the mt-daapd admin status page.
      > The web cgi can require login with multiple user:password
      > combinations,
      > and has a user deny list to prevent some users access to switch to a
      > library (case you have kids and some content you want to limit access
      > to - this wont prevent access, if library is already active) or you
      > can
      > not require login.
      > You can use an external html template if you want to personalize and
      > prettify the web appearance. Even though the defaults will work,
      > it is
      > fully reconfigurable via couple of conf files, so you can use it on
      > any linux system (also useful if there's an update, wont have to edit
      > new files). Written in perl, so needs the perl ipk installed.
      > Its available at http://www.makehell.com/. There is a download link in
      > the second article.
      > -peter
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      Ben Firshman
      ben@... http://www.phatmonkey.org.uk/
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