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408problem since telneting into Redboot

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  • schroedschroed
    Nov 11, 2004
      I have a virgin (not yet unslung) NSLU2 and was about to unsling it.
      As recommended by the README, I first made sure I can telnet into
      Redboot. After a few attempts this worked fine. In Redboot I stupidly
      typed 'quit' (got an error msg) and the tried to quit the telnet
      session via '^]'. I rebooted my slug. Since then it doesn't seem to
      work properly anymore:

      - it still starts up and beeps after half a minute or so as if it
      finished booting

      - I can not connect to it with my web browser
      - my DHCP server acts as if the slug never requested an IP address
      (not listed in client list)

      - I still can telnet into Redboot as usual (right timing during boot)

      Any idea what might be wrong? How can I fix this?

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