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406Unsling 2 "FIXES PROBLEMS !!!! "

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  • K. Carter Sr.
    Nov 8, 2004
      I finally got the new unslung version, Beta 2. I've been waiting for
      it, not so much for the unslinging capabilities, but for the patch
      in it that fixes the USB chipset problems. Heck you don't even need
      to unsling it for that. But for the 'many' of us who have harddrives
      in enclosures (or direct USB to IDE converter cable, as in my case)
      that refuse to work, giving "Not Formatted" messages, locking up, or
      poor network performance. "IT WORKS>>"

      I purposefully (is that a word?) didn't reformat my drives and
      instead let them sit, waiting, non functioning, until I could get my
      hands on this release when it was ready.

      ALL you have to do is flash the NSLU2 with beta 2 and don't bother
      with unslinging it(Unless your going to be developing for it or
      using stuff developed by others).

      The 2 "Non Formatted" hard drives on mine - came to life! All my
      files are back, I can even stream videos simutaneously from it!

      Where is Linksys? Do they even know that they are selling thousands
      of NSLU2's to non-savvy consumers that for a HUGE percentage of them
      won't even work. Filling the stores return desks with believed to be
      broken units that have a simple bug in their driver that Linksys
      should have not missed in the first place? Then they ignore the
      cries from their customers and pass them on to India somewhere. WHY?

      Many Thanks to the Unslingers

      K. Carter
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