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4055Re: [nslu2-general] Perfect solution for your torrents needs on the NSLU2

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  • Philip Pemberton
    Mar 29, 2006
      In message <001001c652f9$288b7400$8201a8c0@...>
      "Ludo Sak" <nslu2@...> wrote:

      > Quite a description you gave there, but I will certainly try it out!
      > I would like to use Rtorrent for that, but that one is still not working on
      > the slug for quite some months I am sad to say.
      > Python based as I do now, I can run at most 2 torrents before almost
      > freezing my slug.
      > I really am curious as to the performance of your solution. Thank you for
      > documenting it!
      > (Maybe you could make a howto on the Wiki pages)

      I've installed Transmission, and I'm getting 0.32k/sec transfer rates from a
      very well-seeded torrent (117S:21P). Switching back to BitTornado gets me
      around 100K/sec (which is about the limit of my 1Mbit ADSL line).

      So back to the "slow, power-hungry python torrent client from hell" it seems

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