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4048Re: Perfect solution for your torrents needs on the NSLU2

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  • snatcher93
    Mar 28, 2006
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      as i don't own a nslu2, writing a Wiki seems hard for me (i don't know
      what is the installed http server, if it have native php support, if
      building tools are installed by default ... ;)
      I did all what i said on a kurobox HG (powerpc @ 266MHz with 128MB of
      RAM), downloading @ 500kB/s use around 3% of CPU where the python
      based was using 60-70% of the CPU ! There is no comparison possible
      between both clients ;) Each torrent i run use between 1.8-2.2% of my
      RAM, this should be 3.6-4.4% of ram on the NSLU2 (as it got 2x less RAM)
      So let's someone install this on his nslu2 and write a WiKi ;)


      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "Ludo Sak" <nslu2@...> wrote:
      > Hiho Sylver,
      > Quite a description you gave there, but I will certainly try it out!
      > I would like to use Rtorrent for that, but that one is still not
      working on
      > the slug for quite some months I am sad to say.
      > Python based as I do now, I can run at most 2 torrents before almost
      > freezing my slug.
      > I really am curious as to the performance of your solution. Thank
      you for
      > documenting it!
      > (Maybe you could make a howto on the Wiki pages)
      > Ludo
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