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4041Perfect solution for your torrents needs on the NSLU2

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  • snatcher93
    Mar 28, 2006
      Hi there,
      downloading and managing the torrent downloads on the NSLU2 seems a
      little complicated, on solution for managing your downloads is
      Torrentflux that some of you may know (it a PHP application that
      allow you to load torrents/download torrents/stop torrents ...), the
      problem with it is that it uses a bittorrent client based on the
      python language (=> slow and RAM hungry), so it is almost unusable on
      the NSLU2 !
      When i discovered a C based client called Transmission, i thought
      about integrating it with torrentflux ! So this is what i've
      successfully done, and the results are pretty good => really few CPU
      usage and less RAM usage than the python client !

      Here is what you need to make this thing working :
      - A HTTP server with php support, i use lighttpd + php compiled with
      CGI support
      - JAM (ftp://ftp.perforce.com/pub/jam/) that is needed to compile
      Transmission (./configure && make)
      - Download my patches attached in the Transmission thread in
      torrentflux forum (check in related links in at the end of the
      - Download Transmission ( "svn co
      svn://svn.m0k.org/Transmission/trunk Transmission" for latest CVS
      or "wget http://download.m0k.org/transmission/files/Transmission-
      0.5.tar.gz" for version 0.5), apply my patch (in Transmission
      directory "patch -Np1 < Tranmsmission-cvs.patch" or "patch -Np1 <
      Tranmsmission-0.5.patch" depending on the version you get) and
      compile : "./configure && jam && cp transmissioncli /usr/bin"
      - Download Torrentflux 2.0b, in the html directory, apply my patch
      (patch -Np1 < torrentflux_2.0b.patch) and copy the html directory in
      your web server tree.
      - Follow the "sqlite usage" guide (check in related links at the end
      of this message)
      - Configure your torrentflux (edit the config.php file to set where
      you want to store the downloaded torrents and to set the location of
      your sqlite database)

      Now it should be ok ;)
      I hope it'll be usefull to some of you :)


      Related links :
      - Torrentflux : http://www.torrentflux.com/
      - Transmission : http://transmission.m0k.org/
      - Topic about Transmission integration in Torrentflux :
      http://www.torrentflux.com/forum/index.php/topic,809.0.html (you'll
      need to register the forum to see and download attached files)
      - Topic about using sqlite instead of MySQL with Torrentflux :
      - Topic about using lighttpd + php instead of apache + php :
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