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4032NSLU2 and WRT54GC anyone?

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  • Alex Mayorga Adame
    Mar 25, 2006
      I've started to suspect that my WRT54GC
      (watch out the ending C for Compact) is to blame here, on making the
      NSLU2 loose connectivity.

      I plugged my NSLU2 to a different router a WRT54G (the good old Linux
      based one) and it worked fine for the whole weekend the test lasted.

      Has anyone else seen odd behaviour with a NSLU2 connected to a WRT54GC
      router. If so I'm eager to know how did you worked it out, or at least
      know if it's a "known problem".

      If any admin reads this I would also like to suggest the addition of
      "Router plugged to..." to the Devices Tested database
      tbl=1> or maybe create a new on in the hope to determine NSLU2 to
      router glitches.

      Best regards,

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