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396Re: [nslu2-general] Re: HDD Spinning - Maxtor One Touch

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  • Tim Lewis
    Nov 4 8:26 PM
      bart_unlimited wrote:
      > Is your drive connected as disk 1 or 2? Only disk 2 spinns down with
      > my unit. Every time disk 1 is about to spinn down, the NSLU2
      > reads/writes to it (even when disconnected from the network).

      I have one on each, actually.

      Are you unslung? If so, how many services are you running off
      the drive? A running service like dropbear, for instance, can
      keep the drive spinning all the time.

      If you shut down all services, the drive will eventually spin
      down. Note that the Linksys firmware doesn't have this issue,
      since everything is in flash.

      - Tim
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