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390Re: Firmware update problems

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  • oo03par
    Nov 3, 2004
      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "go4nslu2" <go4nslu2@y...>
      > i used the solarwinds free tftp version on my xp machine for it and
      > had no problems here is the link for the download page on that 1
      > http://support.solarwinds.net/updates/SelectProgramFree.cfm
      > be sure to put the firmware file in your tftp directory or set the
      > used tftp directory to the directory u hold the firmware in.
      > hook up the nslu2 directly to your pc with a crosslink cable and
      > shut down any firewall running (np there cuz u dont have connection
      > to anything but the box) i used the standard telnet proggy of winxp
      > and had more trouble pushing ctrl+c then to telnet to the box and/or
      > use the solarwinds tftp server.
      > suc6 Phil :-)
      > Henk

      Thanks Henk - managed to get the firmware update done via the TFTP
      now. Thanks to Rod as well for the HTTP tip [sadly didn't work as
      Tomcat didn't want to serve the .bin file!]

      I'm still getting the same problem of "Unable to copy xxxx: The path
      is too deep" which looks like a Samba set up issue on my pc.

      I've upgraded my NForce drivers, but that hasn't fixed it. Drawing
      board here I come!

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