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386Re: Firmware update problems

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  • oo03par
    Nov 3, 2004
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      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "go4nslu2" <go4nslu2@y...>
      > i had my nslu2 hanging in a different way, firmware was not
      > implanted right so my nslu2 gave me a green/red blinking status
      > light.
      > simple man i am i searched on nslu2 green/red light and found a page
      > telling me how to "unbrick" my nslu2 tru a backdoor.

      Thanks "go4nslu2"!

      I've tried that one already though - I can get to the telnet backdoor
      no problem [using PuTTY as my telnet client], but I can't see the TFTP
      server running on my box. I've tried a couple of free / o/s TFTP
      servers, but the box can't see it.

      I'm still convinved it is something to do with my network card
      settings because of my second post [not able to copy files > 32K], but
      I've tried updating one of the pcs with the latest NForce drivers, and
      this didn't help.

      Anyone know of another TFTP server for WindowsXP I can try? TIA

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