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384Re: Why your NSLU2 e-mail alerts might be failing

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  • go4nslu2
    Nov 1, 2004
      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, Tim Lewis <spurp@c...> wrote:
      > I've never received any e-mail alerts from my NSLU2, and I
      > finally took the time to figure out what the problem was.
      > When the NSLU2 wants to send an e-mail alert (like right
      > before performing a backup for instance) it uses the following
      > command:
      > /usr/sbin/smtpclient -s <subject> -f admin@1... <e-mail address>
      > I know it's running this command, but I've still never received any
      > e-mail. Luckily, the smtpclient command has a "-v" switch for
      > logging. Running the above command from the command line with the
      > addition of this switch produces:
      > example.com <-- MAIL FROM: <admin@1...>
      > example.com --> 250 ok
      > example.com <-- RCPT TO: <tim@e...>
      > example.com --> 550 [PERMFAIL] example.com requires valid sender
      > So basically, my isp is rejecting the e-mail from the NSLU2,
      > the NSLU2 isn't providing it with a valid sender address. :(
      > Unfortunately, the web administration page of the NSLU2 doesn't
      > a field for the sender address, otherwise, this could probably be
      > easily.
      > Also note that I am using a static IP address for my NSLU2. I'm
      > sure if the slug uses the domain it receives from the DHCP server
      > when a dynamic IP address is used. Anyone using this
      configuration know?
      > If you're having issues receiveing e-mail from your NSLU2 and you
      > have set up telnet access, check to see if this isn't the issue.
      > - Tim

      hi tim,

      i have a static ip adress on my nslu2 and filled in the primary and
      second DNS i get from my provider for the internet connection be
      sure to open up the port the nslu2 uses on firewall/router etc.

      he mailed me when i was trying to format my usb flah key and here
      are the property/details o the sender/reciever etc.

      Return-Path: <admin@>
      Delivered-To: *my email adress i got from isp*
      Received: (qmail 26350 invoked by uid 768); 1 Nov 2004 17:40:45 -0000
      Delivered-To: *my email adress i got from isp*
      Received: (qmail 26347 invoked from network); 1 Nov 2004 17:40:45 -
      Received: from my-ip-adress.dsl.cambrium.nl (HELO name of my nslu2
      server) (my-ip-adress)
      by gollum.cambrium.nl with SMTP; 1 Nov 2004 17:40:45 -0000
      From: admin@
      Subject: NSLU2 Report
      Sender: root@name of my nslu2 server
      To: *my email adress i got from isp*

      i changed some ip adresses into text and my email adress for obvious

      end conclusion it works ok here with this configuration

      - Henk
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