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382sharkoon rocketpod stackable enclosures ?

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  • go4nslu2
    Nov 1, 2004
      hi i am a newbie on NSLU2 just had it a week and already had it hung
      in firmware giving me red/green light on status.
      don't panic i got it refirmwared myself and works ok now.

      tell me if u find this interesting:
      the sharkoon rocketpod enclosure is stackable up to 5 enclosures and
      combines the harddisk space all togheter so 5 x 120 gig would give u
      a drive of 600 gb.
      i mailed sharkoon asking what usb chipset it houses and i read about
      the sharkoon that the links between the drives is a new stack&play
      technology. controlled probably by the drives themselfs, would be
      nice if u can stack 2 x 5 drives on your nslu2 would it ;)

      does anyone have experience with this enclosure if u do what is it
      and can u stack without nslu2 knowing the diference between 1,2 or
      more stacked drives ?