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3220Re: Change MAC address of NLSU2

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  • zhyla
    Dec 2, 2005
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      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "fransmeulenbroeks"
      <fransmeulenbroeks@y...> wrote:
      > Jelle, I don't know exactly what you want to achieve, but personally I
      > would never recommend such a setup.
      > I definitely would put a good router between your slug and the
      > internet, if only for the built-in firewall and the provisions in it
      > to deal with all kind of attacks (like smurf, tcp flood, syn flood etc)

      Frans, I would tend to disagree here. Hardware routers don't give you
      near as much control over firewalling and from what a friend has
      described some brands let all kinds of crap into your network. As
      long as he does a good job setting up the firewall and locking other
      things down this should be a fine way to get around his ISP's nuttiness.

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