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2983Re: [nslu2-general] 1-wire Oww - Problems with using the DS9490R USB to 1-wire dongle

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  • Petr
    Nov 3, 2005
      ØH> After I have installed Oww, started OwwNoGui in interactive mode and
      ØH> executed the change to USB driver command I get the error messages. And on
      ØH> response from any 1-wire network.
      ØH> Does anyone have an idea on what is wrong?
      ØH> Oystein H.
      ØH> qcyber.org
      ØH> Error messages:
      ØH> 1-wire Error: Open COM Failed
      ØH> 1-wire Error: Failed to acquire a necessary system resource
      ØH> Commands:
      ØH> # ipkg install oww
      ØH> # owwnogui -i
      ØH> devices driver usb
      what about to try to write USB using capitals?

      devices driver USB
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