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2965Re: long delay in browsing NSLU2 shares

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  • irfan29200
    Nov 1, 2005
      Thanks Stewart. The network is moderately simple and consists of 1
      (broadband router+4port switch), 2 more switches, 1 server and about
      12 workstations. The NSLU, server and 1 PC is connected to the 4-port
      switch integerated with the router. Even this PC has the same long
      delay in browsing.

      I forgot to mention that the problem started when I changed the subnet
      and also upgraded the firmware at the same time.

      I read in this forum that R63 has this bug. Someone also suggesting
      resetting the NSLU. It didnt work for me.


      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, Stewart Midwinter
      <stewart.midwinter@g...> wrote:
      > Irfan, I suspect the problem is not with the NSLU2, but with your
      > network. I've seen similar delay problems with my employer's network,
      > where we have several subnets and 20-50 servers. We discovered that
      > on one of the subnets there was a weird thing happening where all
      > requests were going out to a co-location centre in another building,
      > then coming back in again. If you happened to be on that network, all
      > network share browsing took a long time to start up. You've already
      > said that your NSLU2 performed well on a different subnet.
      > You didn't say how complex your network topology is, but you could
      > start by checking your routes (using "route print" at a command prompt
      > if you are on Windows).
      > cheers,
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