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2927NSLU2 sometimes calls itself "noname" (or gives itself no name!?)

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  • Sebastian Meiss
    Oct 28, 2005
      The hostname of my Unslung 5.5 NSLU2 is "gillian". I can find it under
      that name in the windows network, it says on it's web interface this
      is it's name, I can access it via SSH by typing "gillian" as hostname,
      etc., etc.. All perfect. BUT:

      - in my router (AVM FritzBox 7050) it appears as "noname"
      - my firewall, before I configured it fully to accept my NSLU as
      member, told me "noname" from my NSLU2's IP want's something.
      - if I SSH into the NSLU2 in my local network the "hostname"
      appearing in the window from of putty is "noname"

      Does anybody know what the reason for this is? it seems to me that in
      these cases either no hostname is transmitted or the hostname "noname".

      And in case anybody knows the reason (or not): does anybody know how
      to make the NSLU2 tell my router, firewall and putty the correct
      hostname ("gillian") by which it can be addressed, but that it is so
      shy about telling sometimes?
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