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2783RE: [nslu2-general] HD Enclosure

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  • Aaron Hoyt
    Oct 5, 2005
      Similar to you, I got a drive with a bad case. It was an EZQuest Cobra
      120GB drive. The first one died within a week, and after fighting for a
      month with the replacement drive it finally went down for good. I gave up
      on the warranty and purchased an inexpensive but cool looking transparent
      enclosure from Cyberguys PN#1630173 for $35, transferred the HD and it has
      been rock solid for 2 months + now. The power and activity lights are out
      of this world if you like a cool look. The case is plastic though, so
      because I stand it on edge I pulled the top edge off and cut some cooling
      slots in it (just in case the fan dies). It sits beside the Maxtor One
      Touch 250 that is it's backup also connected to my Slug.
      The Maxtor is only used for backup once a night and it spins down during the
      day. The other drive gets heavy use by engineers using solidworks, AutoCad
      and Office applications, not to mention that I use it as a deployment point
      for installing the mentioned software. It has not shown any signs of
      distress. Granted 2 months is not long, but if nothing else take this as a
      serious vote against EZQuest.

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      Hi all,

      I along with everybody else (it seems) that bought the Porsche 250gig USB2
      drive have problems witht the NSLU2 and network drive disappearing, corrupt
      files etc......
      This external unit however has a perfectly Seagate 7200rpm drive inside,
      therefore I'd like to remove it from the case and fit it to a new case.
      Can someone reccomend what the best USB2 enclosure for the Seagate 250 gig
      drive to use with the NSLU2 would be??
      I'd like one tat6 looks reasonably good, is obviously compatible and

      Thanks guys,


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