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2754Hidden Settings in Backup File?

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  • cooldude10810
    Oct 2, 2005
      Hi all. I'm using the latest firmware (2.3.63) and I've noticed
      something interesting. I don't know if this was mentioned before,
      but a search turned up no results so I figure it hasn't been. If you
      save the NSLU2 configuration data via the web interface, you can
      open up the DAT file it saves with a text editor and see all your
      settings. There are some interesting things in there such
      as "telnet_enable=no". There is also a itunes section, a key that
      stores your MAC address, and all the passwords for the users.
      Changing the values and then restoring the settings from that file
      didn't change anything for me, but perhaps these are settings that
      will be available in the next firmware? Any input on this?