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261Re: [nslu2-general] speed

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  • Stuart Stegall
    Oct 7, 2004
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      Stuart Stegall wrote:

      >rttnmutt wrote:
      >>Hi all, i've got my NSLU2 up and running on stock firm ware, only
      >>issue is that the transfer speed isn't that great (about 4 MB/s).
      >>Drive is a 250 GB, 7500 rpm, maxtor usb/firewire drive.
      >>I am using a linksys 8 port router that i suspect is the problem,
      >>has any one noticed such issues before?
      >Please let us know which Linksys 8pt router it is.
      Also, how are you measuring this transfer speed? Using a clock and
      Windows is an exceptionally bad way of figuring speed as Windows likes
      to spend extra clock cycles doing who knows what and making it seem to
      take twice as long as it should to copy a file ;)

      By my netcat rates I can get 11.2MB/s over an HP ProCurve 2800 series
      switch (Don't we all need plenty of extra managed gigabit ports at the
      house.) and over the more realistic Samba on the NSLU2 and CIFS on the
      Linux side, I can pull 7-8MB/s. Also, these are all ready speeds from
      the NSLU2. My write speeds are 2-3MB/s slower. This seems to be my
      typical experience with the cypress chipsets even when using the USB2
      interface directly in Windows and Linux (albeit with much higher read
      and write rates.
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