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231Re: simple iTunes setup instructions?

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  • danny15boy
    Oct 1, 2004
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      Tim -

      Before trying your suggestion I decided to Unslung my NSLU2. As
      far as I can tell it worked successfully. (I was able to get into
      root during this process using the uNSLUng password, but that no
      longer works after unslunging my disk drive.)

      Then I modified the config file as you suggested and uploaded it. (I
      have no idea if /root exists since I can't Telnet in and look. :-)

      Now on trying to Telnet in I get a slightly different response:


      Linksys_NAS login: root
      : No such file or directory

      Connection to host lost.

      Press any key to continue...


      When I had '/root' instead of '/' the message was:


      Linksys_NAS login: root
      No directory, logging in with HOME=/

      Connection to host lost.

      Press any key to continue...


      Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, and how to Telnet in?



      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, Tim Lewis <spurp@c...> wrote:
      > danny15boy wrote:
      > > root:scHg2Srkw7m0w:0:0:root:/root:/bin/sh
      > The "/root" directory exists, right? It doesn't exist
      > on an unmodified slug, and I thought that unslung didn't
      > create if by default yet (I could be wrong).
      > If it doesn't exist, just change the 6th field above to
      > "/", and try again.
      > > At this point the NSLU2 dropped the Telnet session.
      > Dropped? You didn't get another login prompt?
      > Did it print any messages?
      > - Tim
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