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1897Problems with Beta 5.5 upgrade?

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  • Mattias
    Aug 1, 2005
      Hi, I have just upgraded a working system from 4.20 beta and a 300 Gb
      disk (unslinged) to 5.5 Beta.
      The upgrade went well but:
      Now I can only boot the nslu2 without the disk attached and get the
      green ready flag.(and get inte the webinterface).
      With the disk (unslinged) attatched when i boot, the nslu2 just sits
      with green ethernet and green disk1 lit, not the ready/status led, it is
      not lit at all.

      I have tried with another disk but the same problems.
      The unslinging goes well as far as I can tell, but when I issue reboot I
      cannot get into the webinterface, and nothing else works.
      Please help me with this, I am stuck...
      Best regards Mattias
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