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1664RE: [nslu2-general] Re: vsftpd

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  • Aaron Hoyt
    Jul 6 8:28 AM
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      You are right. I, another newbie have managed to configure vsftpd.
      I did it on an older release of Unslung 3.18.
      I am suspicious something in a later release broke things due to the
      attention and lack of resolution.
      Can you restate the questions you are having and so I can see if I have
      anything that might be of value to add?

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      > Ryan
      > I just posted a note a few days ago about experience w/ vsftpp...I
      > up and got proftpd to work...


      I appreciated your comments about proftp. However, I am intent on
      getting vsftpd to work. I also believe there may be an error in the
      howto or diversion script, but my newbie inexperience limits my
      diagnostic ability in linux. I have to assume that someone perusing
      this forum has successfully configured vsftpd on a slug. Therefore, it
      would most helpful if documentation could be provided that spells out
      exactly which files need to be present on the slug, correct diversion
      scripts required, and any other "tricks" that are needed.

      This forum has been most helpful in setting up my first slug and I am
      thankful to all who have worked on this project. I am optimistic that
      these vsftpd problems can be worked out in simple terms for newbies
      like myself.



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