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1408Re: [nslu2-general] Re: Help wanted: A step-by-step Unslung 4.20 installation guide with exact commands and lots of screenshots

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  • Kai Steinbach
    Jun 10, 2005
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      Ok, Bob, you can

      Let me start with: You are asking all the right questions. And you can
      look forward to a very steep learning curve that gets you in touch
      with Linux ...

      On 10/06/05, Bob <rtstrade@...> wrote:
      > I will certainly need some hand holding to get thru this
      > to the point of having the NSLU up and running my
      > media to my Streamium.

      Yep, help is all here in this list. And in the wiki ;-)

      > For a point of reference, I am refering to this document on how to
      > install TwonkyVision into the NSLU. It appears to be a little out
      > of date but should be basically the same except to use a newer
      > version of UnSlung?

      Yeah, I think you might be right. I'd say you and me and who ever else
      want, too, we will polish this and bring it up to speed.

      > Basic Questions:
      > 1. If I purchase the Linksys NSLU2 and a Maxtor 250 GB onetouch USB
      > external drive....will that be a good start?

      Very good start, purchasing the NSLU2. ;-)
      I have a much smaller drive. I think I've seen issues with 300 GB
      drives in this list, but can't remember properly what the status of
      250 GB drives is... Anyone, please?

      > 2. OK, then next I wire the NSLU2 to my Linksys router(WRT54GS) and
      > now I will be able to connect to it from my WINXP PC.

      That sounds like a very reasonable thing to ask for. Perfectly doable.
      In practice, it requires a little attention to the IP addresses and
      some other stuff. Have you read about that before? FAQ 21 talks a
      little about it. Default NSLU2 address is and I don't
      know what the WRT54GS uses at the moment.

      > I read somewhere that I should not connect
      > the drive yet?

      Well, here is the big picture: The next thing you'll doing is to
      upgrade the NSLU2 firmware and setting it all up for the latest
      Unslung 4.x base to run on/from your drive. This will involve
      unpluggin and reconnecting the drive and following some other steps
      ;-) in between - all is relatively well documented in the README and
      the purpose of this mail thread is to make it very easy for you and
      other new to Linux to follow and to understand.

      > 2. Install Unslung firmware
      > So, do I access the NSLU via a web browser and install the Unslung
      > firmware according to the directions for the NSLU? This would be
      > like updating the firmware for my Linksys router?

      All in the famous README.

      > http://www.unslung.org/downloads.php
      > Which one to download here?

      The latest and greatest.

      > Then unzip and the file will be ready for firmware upgrade?

      Hold on: it is (1) unzip (2) find and read README, (3) read README
      more, (4) follow README by the letter ;-)

      > [snip]
      > How do I create these directories? Do I connect with my IE6 and
      > somehow edit the NSLU directory?

      You'll be using something called telnet. It is very much like the
      Windows "Command Prompt" from Start - All Programs - Accessories. Open
      it and type:
      cd Desktop
      mkdir my-test-directory
      This created a directory using a command line interface only. Cool, huh?

      Later with the NSLU2 you it will be a command prompt that runs on the
      NSLU2 itself. The window to type commands and see the output your
      actions will be on your normal Windows screen. You'll already need
      that as part of following the README to get basic unslung running. So
      by the time you want to install mediaplayer, you'll already have the
      skills to do that...

      > but I will not be buying
      > anything until it appears I can do this.. :)

      Well - there's your test. See, how it goes.

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