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1407Re: Help wanted: A step-by-step Unslung 4.20 installation guide with exact commands and lots of screenshots

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  • Bob
    Jun 10 7:03 AM
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      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, Kai Steinbach
      <kai.steinbach@g...> wrote:
      > Hello Bob
      > On 09/06/05, Bob wrote:
      > > I've looked at this but don't even understand some of the terms
      > > are used?
      > > http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/
      > > UseTheTwonkyVisionUPnPMediaServer
      > I'm sure people here can help, including me. Let us know what
      > "looks chinese" to you, and we'll help you out.
      > Kai

      Thanks Kai!
      I will certainly need some hand holding to get thru this to the
      of having the NSLU up and running my media to my Streamium.
      For a point of reference, I am refering to this document on how to
      install TwonkyVision into the NSLU. It appears to be a little out
      of date but should be basically the same except to use a newer
      version of UnSlung?

      Basic Questions:
      1. If I purchase the Linksys NSLU2 and a Maxtor 250 GB onetouch USB
      external drive....will that be a good start?
      2. OK, then next I wire the NSLU2 to my Linksys router(WRT54GS) and
      now I will be able to connect to it from my WINXP PC. I read
      somewhere that I should not connect the drive yet?
      Now in instructions it says(page to the bottom, Jan 22, 2005 Update:

      It is much easier now to get TwonkyVision running. Here are some
      simple steps to get you going, the information on performing the
      steps is easy to find.

      1. Purchase TwonkyVision media server.
      Ok, I have done that.

      2. Install Unslung firmware
      So, do I access the NSLU via a web browser and install the Unslung
      firmware according to the directions for the NSLU? This would be
      like updating the firmware for my Linksys router?

      Which one to download here?
      Then unzip and the file will be ready for firmware upgrade?

      3. Create /unslung directory (if doesn't exist) (Optional -
      create /share/hddvfat directory for FAT32 hard drive use) on the

      What is this directory for? The firmware is being updated into the
      flash memory, right?
      How do I create these directories? Do I connect with my IE6 and
      somehow edit the NSLU directory?
      Do I need to format the drive in any way? If so, how and with what?

      4. Create /opt/twonk directory

      Any help with the above will get me going, but I will not be buying
      anything until it appears I can do this.. :)

      Thanks all,
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