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1372Re: [nslu2-general] Help wanted: A step-by-step Unslung 4.20 installation guide with exact commands and lots of screenshots

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  • Hans Persson
    Jun 8, 2005
      mån 2005-06-06 klockan 11.07 skrev Craig Johnson:

      > I'd take the lead but I know there are people who know A LOT more than
      > someone who thinks they just got things working correctly. =) I can
      > certainly try and help out with this from a new user perspective though so
      > count me in.

      I'd say that someone who isn't the number one expert is the right
      person to *head* the document. An expert can easily miss explaining
      stuff that seems obvious to them. Now, don't get me wrong. Experts
      would be needed to write in-depth explanations, but I think the
      general structure of the thing, screenshots, etc can be written by
      anyone with a bit of perseverance and the experience of having
      installed an NSLU2. The main thing about getting this type of thing
      done is actually that someone decides that it's *going* to be done and
      then doesn't give up until it*is* done.

      That may mean writing most of it himself, or managing a team of others
      to write different parts of it. Some people are good at being
      structured and easy to understand. Others have deep technical
      knowledge about what goes on inside the box. Yet others are able to
      write fluently in grammatically correct English. Not many people match
      all three of these descriptions. What is needed for getting good
      documentation done is someone who can get all these people together
      and make sure that all these people *together* write something useful.

      Hans (somewhat structured, not very technical, pretty grammatical)
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