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1351Re: [nslu2-general] Help wanted: A step-by-step Unslung 4.20 installation guide with exact commands and lots of screenshots

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  • Adrian Day
    Jun 6, 2005
      On 6/6/05, Eugene (Gene) Teggatz <edteggatz@...> wrote:
      > Amen to Rod's suggestion/request. I was about to buy an NSLU2 until I've
      > read all of the stuff posted in this group. I decided it "ain't worth it".
      > Why ask for more frustrations? It may be a good product and the firmware
      > enhancements may be great, but since I'm not a Linux (or Unix) user, it's
      > all Greek to me!
      > I just want a simple backup widget hanging on the network for my wife and
      > me
      > to use.

      If all you need is a 'simple backup widget', then stick to the default
      Linksys firmware. It'll work just fine.
      If you require more functionality, consider running uNLSUng. However, only
      undertake this step if you can read. This forum (and the developers' forum)
      are living testament to the fact that a seemingly large number of people are
      incapable of reading and, perhaps more importantly, comprehending a very
      concise set of step-by-step instructions.
      Any attempt to dumb-down the installation instructions will only result in
      more heartache for those who decide that installation is just a case of
      looking at a set of pretty pictures without giving any heed to the words
      that accompany them.
      Apologies to those who consider this a rant. I'm becoming increasingly
      frustrated at those who are incapable of RTFM.

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