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134Re: [nslu2-general] Re: slow transfers?

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  • Stuart Stegall
    Sep 10, 2004
      Some consumer "routers" have hubs or switches built in to them. Switches and routers are a rather complicated situtation.
      Basically what most people call routers are devices that made decisions based on Layer 3 networking information and what most people
      call switches are devices that make decisions based on Layer 2 networking. Most consumer routers come with 4 ports that may be
      arranged as a switch or a hub (which is simply a layer 2 repeater that simple interconnects the ports). They typically do not let
      you specifiy any settings. In reality there is NO reason that turning off autodetection would make any difference unless your card
      is not autodetecting the correct setting. There are a few broken cards around that don't like autodetect mode and a few others that
      will report to the kernel that they have negotiated 100baseTX when in reality they have not done so. You can usually tell based on
      the lights on the switch/hub. Another thing to note is that the NSLU2 has issues with full duplex with many hubs and switches. It
      works with my Linksys 16 port switch buy not my Linksys router's builtin 4port switch. I would think that if all of the parts were
      in good working order you should be able to get 10MB/s. I am able to get 11.56MB/s. At some point there will be Gigabit USB2
      adapters and we'll be able to get faster connectivity ... We can probably at that point get close to hard drive speeds.

      Mark Pytlik wrote:
      > Is a switch the same as a router? Does anyone know if I can change the link
      > speed of an individual port on a D-Link 614+ router?
      > on 9/10/2004 11:07 AM, jtabar at jtabar@... wrote:
      > In my experience, it is important to make sure that a NIC is set to
      > the same setting as the port on the switch. So if you have an
      > unmanaged switch where all the ports are set to autodetect, you also
      > need to set the NIC to autodetect. I have a 3Com NIC with a broadcom
      > chip running in a RedHat Linux box, and I had to change the link speed
      > and duplex to autodetect, because it was running VERY slowly when I
      > had it set to 100/full.
      > Is there a way to change the link speed and duplex of the NIC in the
      > NSLU2??
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