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1189Re: May have made a brick

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  • jicemanl
    May 18, 2005
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      --- In nslu2-general@yahoogroups.com, "David Carter" <dypered@h...>
      > I just installed the latest beta firmware and everything seemed
      > it booted and I could access my drives. I did not "unsling" my hard
      > drive as I hoped there would be enough room in the slug to store an
      > FTP server (that's really all I want). I then tried to install an
      > FTPD package, but it complained that there wasn't enough room. So,
      > followed the instructions to unsling a drive. It says to boot up,
      > telnet in, THEN while the slug is on, to connect the drive to be
      > unslung. I know that contradicts the Linksys manual which says the
      > slug is not hotswappable, but I trusted the instructions on the
      > unslung web site. Now, although the slug boots normally, I hear the
      > beep, lights are on solid, and I get the appropriate lights when I
      > plug in the ethernet and disks, I cannot ping it on any ip
      address. I
      > did a factory reset (held in the reset button until I heard the
      > but cannot ping it or connect to it in any way. Any thoughts?
      > Thanks in advance-
      > Dave S.

      Quick Questions:
      Latest firmware would be? (4.20b)
      What is the size make model of your drive
      If you unplug the drive and boot the linksys can you ping it?

      The reason i ask is i have a 300gb Western Digital (WD3000) drive
      that i've tried to unsling the 4.20b to and the thing acts like it's
      gonna boot but somewhere during the boot it just stops and i can't
      see it on the network. (my current work around is to let the slug
      boot then attach the drive, i loose the ability to add packages but
      i have access to my data)

      I'm in the process of backing up my data off the drive to reformat
      to try to load the 4.20b again (tested with a 100gb WD drive and it
      worked, system booted off drive and packages could be installed)

      hoping its a simple issue like formating with the new bios.. but i'm
      thinking it may be a large drive issue giving the built in linux a
      problem. I don't have a serial port installed on my slug so i can't
      see the error when it stops. If anyone else has seen this and has a
      fix please post it.

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