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1171RE: [nslu2-general] Some simple questions

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  • jncharli - tele2
    May 15, 2005

      1) You should have assigned an Netbios Name to your NSLU2.

      All the shares you created will appear in « My Network place » with the name
      of the NSLU2, and the name of the share.

      Note that if even if you haven’t created any share, there should be 2 lines
      by default :

      - admin1 on <NSLU2_Name_you_assigned> \\<NSLU2_Name_you_assigned>\admin

      - disk 1 on <NSLU2_Name_you_assigned>
      \\<NSLU2_Name_you_assigned>\disk 1

      2) Be careful that allowing the outside world to connect to your NSLU2
      means that everybody connected to Internet is able to try and hack your
      files. This is a significant security concern that should be raised.

      To be able to share a ressource from outside your network (you LAN = Local
      Area Network), you must enable the ‘sharing protocol’ (aka Netbios) to cross
      your equipments (mainly your router).

      There are 3 steps to perform

      Step 0 : Check if your ISP doesn’t block the Netbios ports

      Sometimes (more and more often), the ISP blocks the Netbios ports for
      security reasons.

      You should check in the FAQ if your ISP blocks the Netbios ports. If it the
      case (like for mine), there is no real solution, other than changing your

      Step 1 : Allow the Netbios trafic to cross your router/firewall

      Currently, most of the router embedd a firewall. You then must tell your
      firewall embedded in the router you want to enable Netbios in both direction

      TCP 137

      UDP 138

      TCP 139

      (sorry, there are maybe others, but here are the ports found in books).

      Step 2 : Tell your router what equipment (IP adress) will be the target of
      incoming Netbios trafic

      You must configure your router to set the NSLU2 to be the destination of all
      incoming Netbios requests.

      There is a common mode called ‘DMZ mode’ that can be used. In this mode, all
      incoming requests (Netbios or not) are sent to a single IP adress. This mode
      should be used for tests purposes.

      Hope it can help



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      Objet : [nslu2-general] Some simple questions

      I've been scouring the Wiki and this group for an answer, but don't
      seem to be able to find what I need. I think these are very, very
      basic questions:

      1) How is the drive that is attached to the NSLU2 viewed from in-
      network computers? Is it in "My Network Places?" I've tried looking
      at the manual, but this simple question doesn't seem to be answered?

      2) How do people OUT of my network view files? Is there a way to do
      this without starting up an ftp client? Like a webpage based
      interface? Or something else? I would like to eliminate the FTP
      component and just have someone type in my domain (which would then be
      run off DynDNS)...



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