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1153ipkg issue

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  • fidgross
    May 5, 2005
      Apologies for the basic question--I'm a Linux newbie. I've read
      through the FAQ (in particular issue #21), searched the wiki, and
      scanned this archive, but still struggling.

      I'm trying to install the slug to work with mt-daapd and a Roku SB.
      That in mind, I've followed the directions here:

      and had little trouble until step #15, where I try to run "ipkg
      update". When I do, I get the error described in FAQ item #21, which

      ipkg_download: ERROR: Command failed with return value 1: `wget
      --passive-ftp -q -P /tmp/ipkg-x3a5K1 http://ipkg.nslu2-linux An error
      ocurred, return value: 1

      I've set my NLSU's netmasks and gateway through the slug's web
      interface (which seems to work fine). But ipkg still doesn't work. I
      don't think I have a DHCP server installed (though maybe my wifi AP
      has one?) Finally, I don't think I have an http proxy.

      Any suggestions? Thanks in advance...