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1141NSLU2 - Need to Grab Files from Disk 2 Backup

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  • jlamari
    May 2, 2005
      I'm really hoping someone on this forum can help me with my problem. I
      had previously made a Disk 1 to Disk 2 successful copy with the
      web-based utility on my Windows XP PC. Recently, Disk 1 got corrupted
      on and now I need to access the data on my Disk 2 backup hard drive,
      however, when I connect the drive to the Disk 1 USB connection, it
      tells me that it needs to be formatted. I know that the data is fine
      on it since I had previously checked it out. I have tried several ways
      to get the NSLU2 to recognize the drive by switching back and forth
      between the USB1 and USB2 ports and nothing works.

      I tried talking to Linksys support but they told me I had to reformat
      the drive. Are there any suggestions you folks can make since I have a
      lot of data on the drive that I really need to get.

      Thanks in advance,

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