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1022Re: newbie - unmod nslu2 - SOLVED

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  • jradi
    Mar 30, 2005
      For any future newbie:

      1. Using the linksys setup program - set IP address to "get
      automatically" rather than "manually"

      2. Then from command prompt (Start>>Run>>cmd.exe) type "arp -a" and
      use process of elimination to find the newly assigned IP address which
      is NOT the default address.

      3. Type the new address in explorer - get into the admin screen -
      change settings:

      Workgroup = match the rest of my workgroup

      IP Addresss = fixed (instead of dynamic) - it's now the newly assigned one

      4. Now, everything works like in the manual - re: mapping drives, etc...

      Thanks for the help! I can now sleep easily...

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