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  • David
    Aug 18, 2004
      I guess I'll be first.

      I've found a couple issues with the NSLU2, they have a lot of work
      yet to do on the firmware.

      Currently, there is also a non-linksys grassroots effort underway
      for firmware development for the NSLU2. See the group:


      My problems I've found thus far with the 2.3 r 25 linksys firmware
      - Ethernet not negotiating with certain hubs.
      - Drives not reformatting after a "problem" (unknown source, maybe
      power outage). Required the hdd to be connected to another system,
      and get all the partitions removed before reformatting would succeed.
      - Scandisk failing on a drive (no extra details given-it just works
      for a while, and then errors out)
      - intermittently unable to create folders but able to write files on
      the drive (seems like a drive error, but running surface scans from
      another system report the drive is fine).

      ...and I'm certain there are more to come.

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