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Re: Cannot start NFS Server on NSLU2 Huh, who knew there were so many parts to one program? Glad to see you got it working!
Anthony Takata
Apr 7
Re: Cannot start NFS Server on NSLU2 ... Thank you for your answer. After starting portmap, nothing happened, but then I started rpcbind. /etc/init.d/rpcbind start That was the solution. Now the
Ferdinand Gruber
Apr 7
Re: Cannot start NFS Server on NSLU2 I'm not too experienced with Debian, but what was the output when you did portmap start?
Anthony Takata
Apr 6
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Cannot start NFS Server on NSLU2 I have two NSLU2 with Debian Wheezy insalled on the attached USB disk. On one of them I cannot start the nfs-kernel-server on the other it works. But I do not
Ferdinand Gruber
Apr 5
Re: Running OWW with DS9490R, getting USBDEVFS timeout Good idea for troubleshooting - should have thought of that! Once I'd loaded drivers onto a Vita PC it recognised the device so that part looks ok. I might
Mar 3
Re: Running OWW with DS9490R, getting USBDEVFS timeout Without knowing too much about the USB stack, I'd say a USB device is failing to initialize properly. Troubleshoot by checking the devices in other machines.
Anthony Takata
Feb 24
Running OWW with DS9490R, getting USBDEVFS timeout NSLU2 has been running for a few years now quite happily, owwnogui process with the weather station using a DS9490R RJ11-->USB device, but the other week it
Feb 24
Re: update-app-xapi ... Yes, that's it. Thank you very much. -- Greetings from Austria Ferdinand Gruber
Ferdinand Gruber
Feb 10
Re: update-app-xapi ... I had the same problem but since I don't use the xapian search thingie (or now what it is really) I just uninstalled it. I think it was the packet
Matti Palmström
Feb 10
Re: update-app-xapi It's probably a cron job. Though I would recommend running it manually to see what it's doing.
Anthony Takata
Feb 10
update-app-xapi Hi, I installed a alternate firmware on the NSLU2 and then I set up Debian 7 on the HDD connected on the NSLU2. Everything is working. The only thing, that
Ferdinand Gruber
Feb 10
Castget package update Hi, Apologies if this is not the right place for this request. I was wondering if it would be possible to update the Castget package to the latest version of
Mark Enby
Dec 29, 2013
Re: Tor package update & OwnCloud? I'm not sure who is maintaining the Tor package, but it may be possible to cross-compile it and OwnCloud with the right toolchains and such. I think there was
Anthony Takata
Nov 27, 2013
Tor package update & OwnCloud? Hi nslu2 heroes, I love what you do and am so happy to have all these wonderful Optware packages on my WD Mybook World (white light) NAS drive! Thanks for
Nov 27, 2013
Re: Porting Optware to Synology's DS213j I used your DS213j to try setting up a test platform on my virtual machine. During "make toolchain" it complained that it couldn't download
Nov 10, 2013
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Correction in automake_1.12-1_arm.ipk Hello, I want to report a problem with automake 1.12 and trac seems down. I don't know if I'm on the right place to post this. If not, where can I tell ? I
Jonathan Demeyer
Oct 26, 2013
aMule on Optware for ARM is outdated? Here are my original posts on problem installing aMule on Buffalo LinkStation NAS...
Oct 22, 2013
Re: Porting Optware to Synology's DS213j I used your file to create a platform build set-up on my Debian machine. I couldn't get the 'make toolchain' to work at first but I think there is a typo in
Oct 20, 2013
(GoFlex NET - PlugComputers) Setting UTC offset and disabling intern Hey All, Glad to be part of the group. I recently installed ipkg optware on my GoFlex NET. Loving using Transmission and other packages offered. I would
Oct 18, 2013
Re: Porting Optware to Synology's DS213j Hello again, I tried to create a toolchain.mk file for the DS213j, but I'm not sure whether this is correct and working because I have absolutely no experience
Marco Ammon
Oct 14, 2013
Re: Porting Optware to Synology's DS213j Today I was able to complete that bootstrap script: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18560547/Bootstrap/ds213j-okg-bootstrap.tar Important: I did not change
Oct 7, 2013
Porting Optware to Synology's DS213j Hello everybody, I hope this is the right place to ask. After I had bought the DiskStation 213j, I realized there was no ipkg available for. So I decided to
Oct 5, 2013
Aug 31, 2013
Aug 28, 2013
Re: Media Sharing questions Can't find any reference to my files or folders. The only files listed are the ones on the usb stick, if I follow the temp file only mnt_opt and var are
Aug 28, 2013
Re: Media Sharing questions Well, the path you specified is almost right. For you it should be /tmp/.cemnt/mnt_sdb1/ But you should be able to use the web interface to browse and add
Anthony Takata
Aug 27, 2013
Re: Media Sharing questions Yeah tried looking for them in the filesystem link but unble to locate the drive/folders, So added a Video container and filled in the details to link to a
Aug 27, 2013
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Re: Media Sharing questions Yes, you do have to specify them. On the top left you'll find the link for filesystem. Just add them to the database from there. I think there should be a
Anthony Takata
Aug 27, 2013
Re: Media Sharing questions Have to give many thanks for the time spent helping me out ( we are talking half a day here ). Can now run the swap manually and mediatomb starts nicely? Not
Aug 27, 2013
Re: Media Sharing questions All right, so long story short, we discovered that the plug was running out of memory trying to start MediaTomb, even though our configuration was correct. So,
Anthony Takata
Aug 25, 2013
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