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Fw: National Security Fellowship Opportunity at Georgetown Law School

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  • Kel McClanahan (NSLS Intl)
    Hello everyone, As my last official act as President, I am very happy to pass on this announcement to all the graduating students on this list. In DC we ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2007
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      Hello everyone,

      As my last official act as President, I am very happy to pass on this
      announcement to all the graduating students on this list. In DC we've been
      waiting very impatiently for this Center to finally be completed, and now we
      can encourage anyone interested in this field to file an application for
      this very cool looking fellowship. Even though no deadline is listed, I
      inquired further and learned that the deadline is June 18th, so you should
      send in your applications in the next couple of weeks.

      Good luck to everyone, and have a great summer. It's been wonderful working
      with you all.



      1. Georgetown's soon-to-be-launched Center on National Security and the
      Law seeks inaugural fellows

      Job Description


      Later this year, Georgetown University will launch a Center on National
      Security and the Law. The Center will be the premier locale for
      scholarship and policy on this vital set of issues. As part of this
      Center, Georgetown University is seeking exceptionally qualified
      candidates to serve as Fellows. Housed at Georgetown Law Center, in the
      heart of the nation's Capitol, the Center will attempt to provide the
      most creative and interesting solutions for the range of problems our
      country has faced since the nation was attacked on September 11, 2001.
      With a world-class faculty that has been at the heart of these issues,
      such as Viet Dinh (the author of the USA PATRIOT Act), David Cole
      (author of the prize winning book Enemy Aliens and litigator in major
      national security cases), Neal Katyal (who won the Hamdan v. Rumsfeld
      Supreme Court case that invalidated the Guantanamo military tribunals);
      and a variety of other faculty, Georgetown believes that it will be able
      to contribute meaningfully to the policy and academic debate surrounding
      national security policy.

      Full-time candidates will be based at Georgetown University Law Center
      and will report to the Director of the National Security Center. The
      Center Fellow will work primarily on research projects, production of
      scholarly works for publication, litigation projects, and Institute
      activities such as research colloquia, policy work, and grant writing.
      Candidates must have their J.D. degree, and exceptional academic
      credentials, including publication and strong research interests and
      knowledge or experience in national security policy and/or
      Constitutional Law.

      Salary will be $60,000 with outstanding benefits. Fellowships will be
      offered for one or two years.

      Application should be made by letter, with accompanying CV, writing
      sample, professional references, official law school transcript, and
      other graduate school transcript (if applicable). Applications should be
      directed to the attention of National Security Fellowship Application,
      c/o Professor Neal Katyal, Georgetown University, 600 New Jersey Ave,
      NW, Washington, DC, 20001.
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