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Suggestions for AppStudio Hey George, Here are some of my initial suggestions... 1) Its a nice addition of the big PLAY button to deploy an app. Please also add a similar floppy disk
12:06 AM
Error Box due to changes in hfunc.js First, I want to say that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY dislike this yahoo forum - trying to do ANY search gives me dozens of duplicate results making it virtually
11:56 PM
Re: Google Chrome iPhone 5 Emulation Problem I'm using Version 35.0.1916.69 beta-m however it also doesn't work using 34.0.1847.116 m on both my Desktop and my Surface Pro 2. Both machines are running Win
11:06 PM
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Re: Slow JQM Button Response Oh, one other thing about this: although the delay is there in Android, it is much more apparent on iOS. That is, the delay is much longer on iOS. We're not
10:10 PM
Slow JQM Button Response In NSB4 / JQM 4 there is a noticeable delay in responding to button taps on JQM buttons. Response to other controls and to buttons taps on JQ Widgets buttons
10:08 PM
Re: Problem scrolling to top of HTMLView I am using the following code after changing the contents of my HTMLView control to reset scrolling and scroll to the top programatically, and it works fine:
10:05 PM
Problem scrolling to top of HTMLView I finally got myScroll.scrollTo to work, and as long as I do not scroll down the list in the HTMLview, it works OK. If I manually scroll, then there is an
8:57 PM
Re: NSB.InputBox error Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a functi I can't reproduce this. If you make a small project, does it work? Is there a function named SMSBodyDone in your app? George Henne NS BASIC Corporation
George Henne
2:08 PM
Re: NSB.InputBox error Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a functi Hi, I think InputBox needs a variable to which the value entered can be assigned. Variable=NSB.InputBox(....) Maybe version 3 didn't detect this error? Kind
Thomas Gruber
1:58 PM
Re: show least part of HTMLView Found the problem. I had: myScroll = new IScroll('wrapper'); should be: myScroll = new IScroll(wrapper); no quotes
1:50 PM
NSB.InputBox error Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function Hi I get the following error message when using NSB.InputBox(SMSBodyDone,"SMS Text", "SMS Alert", "") Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function
1:46 PM
Re: show least part of HTMLView Since there is no way that I can get the IScroll to work, and I assume there is not even one simple demo or tutorial, is there a list box type of control that
1:21 PM
Re: Printing Problem with NSB 4 No. Window.print () is not implemented in Android. However, kitkat has a print command on the gear menu in Chrome that can print the current window to Google
1:14 PM
Luciano Marco
1:05 PM
DropBox deploy project So I can deploy my application in "Preferences" folder publishes the DropBox DropBox Desktop I need to download?
11:52 AM
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Re: Printing Problem with NSB 4 Are you seeing this on a device or on the resulting printout? Is the printout looking OK?
George Henne
11:34 AM
Re: show least part of HTMLView When the program, executes: myScroll = new IScroll("wrapper") myScroll was declared as Global as: Dim myScroll I get Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property
11:30 AM
Re: Printing Problem with NSB 4 Is window.print() even implemented on Android?
George Henne
11:20 AM
Re: Google Chrome iPhone 5 Emulation Problem Which version of Chrome are you using?
George Henne
11:13 AM
Re: show least part of HTMLView In iScroll 5, iScroll is now IScroll. George Henne NS BASIC Corporation http://www.nsbasic.com
George Henne
11:01 AM
Re: show least part of HTMLView George, is there a tech note or an example on how to use: myScroll.scrollTo( 0, myScroll.maxScrollY, 0 ) After setting up the DIV, UL, LI i did : myScroll =
10:53 AM
Re: v4 Problems with the Code Editor and ThemeRoller Hi George, Thanks for your replies. On #1 I realize that it has always worked that way and it has always been a deficiency. Is there a way to add this to the
9:26 AM
Re: Tooltip problem Thanks for posting the solution to our issue George! I'm glad you removed the x since with my web apps running on iOS the button never worked where clicking
6:22 AM
Re: Tooltip problem In 4.0.3, the way to do this is: ToolTip1_popupInfo.textContent="My new tooltip message" The close button was removed from jQuery Mobile itself. It was
George Henne
3:54 AM
Re: Tooltip problem I think because of the AppStudio removes the "Close" button (The X button on top-right of tooltip), And I don't know the reason of this removing. So
3:04 AM
Re: Looking for Help on new Project Hi, Bill I am in the UK so not in a position to pkysically help, but I wonder why you want to install PhoneGap locally rather than use PhoneGap Build - is it
2:22 AM
Re: Printing Problem with NSB 4 Hey George, your fix worked great to print the entire window. However, there is still a problem: when printing, the window is showing a scrollbar on the right
Apr 22
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Re: Printing Problem with NSB 4 Hey George, the fix isn't working as well as I thought. It does correct the problem if I run my program in Chrome for Windows. However, if I run it on a
Apr 22
Re: Printing Problem with NSB 4 OK never mind on the scrollbars. Apparently the scaling has changed somehow and I had to resize everything. Once I did that I was able to get rid of the
Apr 22
Re: Tooltip problem I'm seeing the same issue and had to revert to the message set under properties for my tooltip. I was using ones like:
Apr 22
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