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Re: AppStudio 4.0 Just curious Thomas, but why whould you want to revert back to V3 and JQM 1.3? Version 4 has a lot more features and JQM 1.4 gives you a product that is much
2:41 PM
jQuery 1.4 List Control issues 1) The onclick event executes twice (first the number then object then number again and then object again). To prevent this from causing issues with code that
2:23 PM
Re: Parsing Excel Files Thanks Thomas, will check these out.
Anele Mbanga
2:20 PM
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Re: AppStudio 4.0 Hi, is version still available? Above link now takes me to, but I'd like to reinstall the latest Version 3. Regards Thomas
1:48 PM
Re: Which file do I upload to Phonegap Build Hi Randy, Any chance I could try it here? If so, zip up your project folder and send it! George Henne NS BASIC Corporation http://www.nsbasic.com
George Henne
8:58 AM
Re: Parsing Excel Files Hi, I found a few links to Javascript libraries that can read/write Excel files: for XLS and XLSX file format:
Thomas Gruber
8:20 AM
Re: AppStudio Suggestions Hi George, Google adsense is not allowed in application, amd it's too complicated to get approval from google for a new website, payment.... I suggest
7:37 AM
Re: Which file do I upload to Phonegap Build I understand and that's not the problem. I can't deploy to it from withing NSBasic because it hits a memory error according to the log. So, I will have to
7:33 AM
Re: Which file do I upload to Phonegap Build According to this thread: the limit is 15 megs, though it might be 45 megs for paying customers.
George Henne
7:06 AM
Which file do I upload to Phonegap Build Apparently I cannot deploy my app directly to phonegap or even run in desktop from with NSBasic. It starts and then ends in a few seconds. In the status bar
6:50 AM
Re: minor bugs Thanks for spotting this - I mean 4.0.3! George Henne NS BASIC Corporation http://www.nsbasic.com
George Henne
3:38 AM
Re: minor bugs [1 Attachment] Hi George, 4.0.4? as far as I can see that version isn't published yet? Kind regards Thomas ... Thomas Gruber
Thomas Gruber
3:08 AM
Re: JQWidgets Listbox text size In case anyone else runs into the same problem, I finally fixed it, and the solution was easy (and should have been obvious - d'oh!). It was just:
3:04 AM
Re: jqplot width All I do is set the HTMLView left position and width as a percentage during design time and have zero code to resize the width during runtime. However, what
9:54 PM
Re: jqplot width If I change the HTMLView width in the IDE the chart is shown in that width. If I change the HTMLView width in runtime the HTMLView control width changes but
Apr 18
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Re: jqplot width Notice the HTNLView width is fine but the charts xaxis is 0 to 100 but only shows up to 80.
Apr 18
Re: jqplot width This is how I am setting the Form HTMLView sizes. Function DCurve_onshow() v1 = SysInfo(0) v2 = SysInfo(1) If v1 > v2 Then xSize = v1 - 20 ySize = v2 - 10 Else
Apr 18
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Re: Printing Problem with NSB 4 Thank you - I will give this a try. George Henne NS BASIC Corporation http://www.nsbasic.com
George Henne
Apr 18
Re: ThemeRoller for Select I assume (you didn't say) that you are running with native=false. Did you change the color af Active State in your swatch - is that the issue? George Henne NS
George Henne
Apr 18
Re: ThemeRoller for Select jQuery Mobile 1.4 has important changes to how themes work: it is listed in the Breaking Changes docs here: From your
George Henne
Apr 18
Fwd: [nsb-appstudio] Re: minor bugs MsgBox: When running RTL, the only problem I see is that the title is not right justified. Are you seeing anything else? Rotation: We fixed a rotation bug in
George Henne
Apr 18
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Re: MsgBox If you want to see the 1 to 5 show up, use Print.
George Henne
Apr 18
Re: MsgBox If you want a modal version use alert(...)
Apr 18
Re: Export Form/Code Thanks George, that's easy enough. Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: George Henne Sent: Friday, 18 April 2014 15:29 To: nsbasic-app@yahoogroups.com
Apr 18
Re: Export Form/Code To export to another project, select the form, then choose Export Current Form/Code from the file menu. This will create a file. Create a new project. From the
George Henne
Apr 18
Re: minor bugs The widgets problem seems to be caused by connection to a third party webserver but rotation problem is exists both in RTL and ltr Thanks
Apr 18
Export Form/Code Hi, If I was to export form/code and I then wanted to import the Form only to take the place of an existing form in another project which has already got the
Apr 18
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AppStudio 4: the new Camera control With the new Camera control, you can add the ability to capture pictures to your app without writing a line of code. It also has a much nicer camera icon than
George Henne
Apr 18
Re: ThemeRoller for Select I think something is wrong in the latest version. Themes color are not working as expected. My previous project made with NSBAsic app studio 3 can set
Apr 18
Re: Any way to deploy to a local server? You can find it here, quite simple http://airtoucher.com/?p=12 http://airtoucher.com/?p=12
Apr 18
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