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Re: Need help using Chart.js

Any error messages showing up in the Chrome Debugger? I spotted one bug. This line: var Chart = document.getElementById('DecisionChart').getContext('2d');
George Henne
5:42 AM

IDE Oddity

Interesting one (follow on from a previous post) - 1. create a new project (use iphone,ipod,nexus - first option). 2. Set fullscreen=false on form. 3. Set
4:43 AM

Need help using Chart.js

I am trying to setup a new project using Chart.js an opensource charting library. No matter how I construct this it doesn't appear to work. I don't desire to
7:24 PM

Re: Barcode scanning again...

I too have extensive experience with enterprise embedded devices and the scan wedge apps and imagers are nice compared to cameras. Thanks again for the
5:52 PM

Re: Barcode scanning again...

A couple of things about bar codes in real life: 1. Disclaimer: I have not tried the scanner library mentioned in the post, although I have worked with a
2:22 PM

Barcode scanning again...

Anyone find a way to scan barcodes without going to PhoneGap? This appears to be JavaScript code but I don't think we can include it in a project without going
1:40 PM

Re: jqw chart sample won't work for me

When you installed AppStudio 5, did you uninstall version 4? It looks like you have an old version of the sample. A vacation sounds like a great idea! Sent
George Henne
May 23

Re: jqw chart sample won't work for me

I am running the most current version George, do you ever sleep? You need a vacation. Thanks, Geoff
May 23

Re: jqw chart sample won't work for me

What version of AppStudio are you using? The current version is George Henne NS BASIC Corporation http://www.nsbasic.com
George Henne
May 23

jqw chart sample won't work for me

When I run the sample jqw chart, it shows an uncaught reference error Chart2_Settings is not defined. Is anyone able to run the sample without problems? Any
May 22

Re: Path to local jqwidgets

About the deployment of jqwidgets, I'm still hoping to avoid the replication of the library for every project... I don't plan to distribute apps, rather I will
May 22

Re: jqm button - image

What kind of button are you using? How are you adding the image to the button?
George Henne
May 22

jqm button - image

Hello, New here... I'm using a jqm button. Assigning an image to the button. It shows up in the IDE, but not at run time. I've dragged the image to the
May 22

Re: Popup Menu

There's a sample for this with jQuery Mobile samples. Does it help? George Henne NS BASIC Corporation http://www.nsbasic.com
George Henne
May 22

Re: Path to local jqwidgets

That probably won't work - it is best to have all the files you plan on deploying in your project folder.
George Henne
May 22
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