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Re: Select objetct error in old devices

Gingerbread (Android 2.3) was released in 2010 and has been discontinued by Google. It uses the old Android browser - it cannot run the Chrome browser. Our
George Henne
3:44 PM

Re: Problems adding jqWidgets library to project

Did you follow the instructions here? George Henne NS BASIC Corporation
George Henne
3:31 PM

Re: Problems adding jqWidgets library to project

I am trying to do the same thing - did what you said above. Closed appStudio then restarted using the project in the same folder as my /jqwidgets folder and
1:45 PM

Re: Select objetct error in old devices

by the way Label1.hidden = true or Label1.visible = false not work too, but Label1.style.display = "none" works...
1:39 PM

Select objetct error in old devices

HI George we have many clients using gingerbread (2.3.6), over 350 devices.. and the select object showing error on .clear, .setindex, and others methods...
1:26 PM

Re: Help with Ajax

Are you running as a web app or PhoneGap? George Henne NS BASIC Corporation http://www.nsbasic.com
George Henne
10:58 AM

Help with Ajax

An application that worked well with Ajax for the transfer of data to a web server php, stopped working with new versions of NSB / Basic. req.status returns
9:59 AM

Re: jquery .effect

JQuery-UI is a separate library from JQuery. We haven't made it a part of core AppStudio for a couple of reasons: - It's 270K. That's a lot. - The jQuery
George Henne
5:58 AM

Re: Fw: Dropbox

How far did you get with the sample? What problem did you run into?
George Henne
5:52 AM

Re: connect to database on web server

This will help get you started - see the section on "Using AJAX to get info from a database on your server". George
George Henne
5:51 AM

Fw: Dropbox

Hi All someone can help me about dropxbox ? I have an account on it with an share on my PC desktop and I need to read a file (GetJson) stored into this share
wally oliva
4:23 AM

jquery .effect

Hi George I tried use .effect from Jquery, but it is not 'native' in appstudio, i need to add
3:57 AM

Re: connect to database on web server

You need a piece of technology between SQL Server and your app on the Internet. This goes under the generic name of Web Services, and it has to be installed
Nov 23

Res: [nsb-appstudio] Going Full-Screen

This is something that requires (afaik) adding the app to the home screen. You can't force a webpage into going full screen on mobile browsers. Enviado do meu
Ricardo Carraretto
Nov 23

Going Full-Screen

George, How do NSBasic apps manage to go full-screen on mobile devices? Is there simple markup emitted by the IDE that accomplishes this or is it necessary to
Nov 23
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