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Re: iphone orientation function

This was submitted as a bug to Apple a little while ago. Let's hope they fix this in an update.
George Henne
2:22 AM

Re: Submitting to IOS Store

There's a page in the Wiki on submitting to the AppStore: Are there any changes you would recommend?
George Henne
2:21 AM

Re: Menu has been deprecated

The page is still there for people with old versions of AppStudio. It does state: This control is part of iWebKit, which has been deprecated. The List control
George Henne
2:18 AM

Re: Error running app

Read the Tech Notes:http://wiki.nsbasic.com/Tech_Notes "Distributing Your App" Best regardsChristian Von Outlook Mobile gesendet - Sent from Outlook Mobile On
Christian Probst
12:10 AM

iphone orientation function

This appears to only affect my iphone 5. I have the orientation tool installed on my form targeted for an iphone 5. When I rotate to landscape I get the
11:49 PM

Re: localStorage

The first localStorage sample project isn't the most helpful (uses a blank form), but it's working. You can also use the Search window to find all of the
10:51 PM

Re: Menu has been deprecated

It appears that the Menu wiki page hasn't been removed yet, though the control itself is indeed no longer available in the IDE. A jQM List control can be used
10:23 PM

Re: Submitting to IOS Store

Sorry, have not been here in awhile, not sure I get what you mean with update the docs.
9:19 PM


I using a number of textboxes in my app. I want to use localStorage to remember the last input in the text when the app is ran again. The sample program is
9:17 PM

Re: Error running app

Hi George, Yes, the app deploys OK to the nsb server. I called my server company and told them they were not handling the OffLineApp.appcache correctly. Deer
Robert briscoe
2:37 PM

Menu has been deprecated

Hi, I tried to add a menu to my app and it did not work, so I went to the tech manual and it says "*This control is part of iWebKit, which has been
Bob Briscoe
2:32 PM

Re: F5 doesn't open a browser...post upgrade to v5 problem

Yes. Appreciate the good support. --nate
Feb 4

Re: Deploy to dropbox

Thank you Doug. The local index.html didn't produce a "copy public link" but when I sent the evala folder to the public folder in the dropbox website I was
Feb 4

Re: Deploy to dropbox

There's not enough info provided to know the answer to this. If you deployed an app named "evala" from AppStudio at some point, that might be it. It's hard to
Feb 4

Re: Deploy to dropbox

What you see in the browser address bar is normal. AppStudio doesn't know your app's Dropbox internet URL so navigates to the file locally for you. If you go
Feb 4
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