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Re: Using Cordova fof witing to Android File

Bob: You cannot run phonegap in the desktop browser. You must compile this with phonegap and install and run on a device. I've used the following code
7:23 PM

Re: V5 .exe

Interesting. ... From: Ricardo Carraretto ricardo.carraretto@... [nsbasic-app] To: nsbasic-app@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, April 19, 2015 10:23 AM
6:43 PM

AppStudio 5

Hi, Just try to start some initial try out on AppStudio 5 on Mac OS X. Some JqWidgets cannot be probably put on the form (e.g Editor, Tabs). When Tabs control
6:09 PM

Re: V5 .exe

I can't grasp where is the surprise here. AppStudio builds single file applications leveraging open standards such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS in a very, very
Ricardo Carraretto
5:23 PM

Can I get advice on how to start?

I purchased the program, planning to learn how to use it. My limitation is that I don't know either Basic or Javascript. I have some programming experience
5:19 PM

Re: V5 .exe

So, does that mean it is not a true .EXE ? In other words, when I create an application using Delphi or C++ and compile it, the .exe/distribution can be
4:31 PM

Using Cordova fof witing to Android File

Hi Everyone, Has anyone used the Phone Gap Cordova Plug with NSB Basic to write to an Android resident file? Here is the link:
Bob Briscoe
3:45 PM

Windows Exe Printing Project

Question: Generating a Windows EXE app, I can have direct access to local printer?
6:42 AM

JQuery List Event Scroll Top

Help: On List JQuery, how to shoot the scrollTop scrollStart or event? I have a list with many elements and need to optimize it, carrying as it is requesting
6:40 AM

Re: V5 .exe

1. Exe files use IE as the runtime environment. Otherwise, the executables would be 10 times as large. 2. Here are the links to Version 4: Mac:
George Henne
2:41 AM

Re: Appstudio 5.0 crashes at startup

Do I need to reload it from the dropbox link ? It still fails at launch Jacques ... Do I need to reload it from the dropbox link ? It still fails at launch
Jacques Lacroute
2:39 AM

Re: AK47

Go ahead - it will be interesting. Spartan is supposed to use some of the same guts as IE11, so I'm expecting it will work OK. That being said, Microsoft does
George Henne
2:39 AM

Re: Appstudio 5.0 crashes at startup

Hi, The problem with 5.0 on your account should be fixed - give a try. If you want to move back to version 4, you have to do a complete uninstall. George Henne
George Henne
2:37 AM

Re: AK47

Hi George, I run a Win10 preview with Spartan on a virtual machine. Is it worth experimenting with AppStudio 5 in this environment? Or will that not work at
Apr 18

Re: Appstudio 5.0 crashes at startup

I installed v 4.3.1 back from my Time Machine backups and it fails stating up but with a different message 18/04/2015 09:52:32,582 AppStudio[88526]: AppStudio
Apr 18
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