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Got iPhone? Get new SE app!

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  • Rolfe Larson
    The npEnterprise Forum is pleased to report the release of Social Impact, the world s first SE directory available through the brave new world of smart
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2012
      The npEnterprise Forum is pleased to report the release of Social Impact, the world's first SE directory available through the brave new world of "smart" phones. It's now available, starting today, for the first time ever, through the App Store.

      This free global app (short for application) uses the GPS feature in any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to display retail social enterprises that are closest to you RIGHT NOW, wherever you are. Or you can use the search box to find SEs by name, city or (in the US) zip code. All in all, Social Impact lists more than 500 retail businesses in eight countries.

      Most of these businesses offer tasty food from restaurants, coffee shops, catering services, bakeries, and ice cream stores, while they create social impact in your community from every dollar you spend. Other listed businesses are "fair trade" stores or social enterprises with online ordering capabilities.

      These are retail businesses whose products would be worth enjoying even if they weren't social enterprises. Support social enterprise by eating or shopping at one!

      You can read all about it in the App Store at

      To download it, on your Apple* device, press the App Store icon, then type "Social Impact" in the search box.

      Be among the first to review it. If you like it, please give it 5 stars!

      *If you're an Android user, you may be feeling left out. Trust us, we want you too! Now that that the iPhone version is out, Android is next. We also want to do a web version that mirrors everything on the iPhone. So please contact us if you know of an Android and/or web programmer who could do this pro bono or low cost, or, if you can donate funds to help pay for someone to do this programming. Thanks!

      PS: This app was developed by the npEnterprise Forum with help from numerous organizations and dozens of individuals around the world. Our North American partner is the Social Enterprise Alliance. Most notably, the Kibble Education and Care Centre http://www.kibble.org (specifically Ruth Alcorn and Andrea Aitken) of Scotland contributed substantial amounts of staff time and effort. It was only through their persistent, hard work that this became a global directory. In addition to the US and Canada, this app currently includes SEs in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Australia, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

      Finally, due to capacity limitations, thrift stores are not included in this app.
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