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  • Rolfe Larson
    Highlights is the monthly newsletter of the npEnterprise Forum http://www.npEnterprise.net , the official listserv partner of the Social Enterprise Alliance.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2010
      Highlights is the monthly newsletter of the npEnterprise Forum
      http://www.npEnterprise.net , the official listserv partner of the Social
      Enterprise Alliance.

      This edition includes comments from a recent thread about measuring the social impact of a social enterprise.


      SEA chapters are springing up all over the place! Be sure to check in to see if there's one in your neck of the woods. If not, help organize a new one!

      Here's the list of locations with chapters or moving in that direction, with established chapters marked with *'s. More information at http://www.se-alliance.org/membership_chapters.cfm


      Los Angeles*
      Twin Cities
      San Francisco*
      Tampa Bay*


      North Texas*

      Michael Whitehead-Bust and I are organizing the Colorado chapter. It's expected to launch November 12.


      Here are excerpts from a recent thread about measuring social impact:

      (1) Marie Beichert

      I currently use both the REDF and Venture Philanthropy Partners assessment
      models with my social enterprise clients. It is ordinarily an arduous process to
      convince organizations with limited capacity that their efforts in this regard
      will be more than worthwhile, but with regular updates on groups that have been
      successful both programmatically and in their fundraising efforts, they
      eventually are won over.





      I am also involved in an exciting new capacity-building pilot of a new online
      social change assessment tool funded by The San Francisco and Hewlett
      Foundations. Still in beta but has much promise. Stay tuned and I will post the
      link here when ready!

      (2) From Elli Malki

      The following article provides a rational framework of the limits of impact


      The theoretical approach looks at impact measurement as the only "scientific"
      way to evaluate to nonprofits success. However, as many practitioners know,
      impact measurement can sometimes be impossible, or theoretically possible but
      practically not feasible. The article presents explicitly in which cases we can
      expect that impact measurement will be possible and which cases it's not.

      When we cannot measure impact we can at least evaluate it based on subjective
      judgment. I found AHP to be a powerful tool for that. The technique is described
      in the following article and in my book - Measuring the Things that Count -
      Quantitative Methods for the Management of Nonprofits.



      Discussions in the npEnterprise Forum are made possible with your questions and
      comments. Why not take a few moments to send in a note? We'll be looking for
      you! Send your question to:


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      another week or two for responses.

      Unfortunately, due to space limitations, not every message is distributed to
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      respond to every incoming message or email to us. But please know that each one
      is appreciated!
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