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Re: Venture capital advice for weatherization SE?

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  • Rolfe Larson
    Here are the responses to the following question from Darlene Tyndal: I work for Community Services Employment Training (CSET) in the Central Valley,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2010
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      Here are the responses to the following question from Darlene Tyndal:

      "I work for Community Services Employment Training (CSET) in the Central
      Valley, California. My agency is looking for venture capitalists to help
      launch our Green Training Facility as a social enterprise. We are a
      nonprofit that has provided training to California Community Corps members
      in weatherization for over a decade. We have excellent experience and are
      looking forward to furthering our mission of helping communities and people
      by providing more advanced training, including HERs rater and BPI
      certification, to these Corps members, as well as the target population of
      unemployed construction workers."

      (1) From Zac Mutrux <zmutrux@...>

      You might check out the Rudolf Steiner Foundation.

      [Moderator's note: I believe this reference is to RSF Social Finance, which
      provides loans to nonprofit and for-profit social enterprises that meet a
      combination of financial, operational and impact criteria. FMI http://bit.ly/aJhM1a . Borrower Criteria at
      http://bit.ly/bgxxM5 . Incidentally, at the recent SEA Summit in San
      Francisco, I attended a presentation by Ted Levinson, their senior lending
      officer, and was quite impressed with their approach. So much so that I'm
      considering investing some personal money into their Social Investment Fund,
      which others on this list might consider also to support social enterprises.
      More info on that at http://bit.ly/d9M4Lf .]

      (2) From Debra Fine <dfine@...>

      There are venture capital groups (ours is SEN) that have "fast Pitches"
      coming up over the summer. You work with them and then "pitch" your venture
      to their group for potential funding.

      [Moderator's note: From a quick Google search, we were unable to find
      information about SEN, so you might want to contact Debra directly to get
      more information about that and other "fast pitches" through various venture
      capital groups.]

      (3) From Stacey Murphy <stacey.murphy@...>

      Sadly, I have no advice to give you. I would, however, welcome any
      information you might be willing to share on your training structure.

      We're also a weatherization provider that has a job training program running
      in our not for profit (CAP agency). For the last year we've been hosting
      youth, 18-24, in our organization providing on the job training, and where
      possible, sending them to our state Association that provides lots of
      formalized training. (Incidentally you could find them at www.nyswda.org
      and they might have some venture capitalist ideas - though they get most of
      their funding from government sources right now, I believe) I am wondering
      about your in house training structures for Corps members - do they
      accompany weatherization crews to homes, or work as a crew unto themselves?
      Do your crew leaders act as trainers or do you have a separate trainer and
      if so what's your ratio?

      (4) From: Darian Rodriguez Heyman <darian@...>

      Thanks much for reaching out. My firm specializes in strategy, messaging,
      and fundraising for the green economy, and we're based in San Francisco.
      We're currently working on an integrated sustainability plan for the state
      of California among other projects, and it'd be great to connect and explore
      possible collaboration.

      (5) From Jerry Hildebrand <jhildebrand@...>

      Greetings, Darlene. We have a program to provide training to nonprofits in
      the Central Valley that are interested establishing social enterprises to
      generate operation costs and ensure program sustainability (see attached).
      Please check out our webpage (www.globalctr.org). Please feel free to
      contact me for more details.
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