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  • michael@foxhallconsulting.com
    Here are some of the responses we ve received to the following question from Andy Horsnell about museum SE s: I m delivering a presentation to a provincial
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2009
      Here are some of the responses we've received to the following question from Andy Horsnell about museum SE's:

      "I'm delivering a presentation to a provincial museum association in September, and would like to share several examples of social enterprise activities that museums - especially smaller, rural museums - are doing. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated."

      (1) From: Lisa Gibbs <lisagibbs@...>


      Here's a link to the Baton Rouge Rural Life Museum. You should check them out. I love to take my children here, especially for their special events.

      Lisa Gibbs
      Development Director
      O'Brien House
      446 North 12th Street
      Baton Rouge, LA 70802

      (2) From: From: Tom Aageson <tom@...>

      Here is a link to my presentation on Cultural Entrepreneurship I gave to the Southwestern Assn of Museums a few years ago. It may be helpful. <http://www.slideshare.net/S.Grayson/mountain-plains-museums-assoc-092006-presentation>

      An example is our initiative in our museum shops called New Mexico Creates <http://www.newmexicocreates.org> where we dedicate our efforts in the bricks and mortar shops and Internet to creating markets for New Mexico artists and artisans in lieu of doing museum reproductions, etc. We have built our annual purchases from $325,000 per year five years ago to $1.1 million last year. These are purchases directly from New Mexico artists and artisans. We strengthen our local cultural enterprises, support our cultural entrepreneurs and make profits to support the Museum of New Mexico. We also create a market niche of having authentic, high quality original work from New Mexico.
      We also do the same for international folk artists at the famous Museum of International Folk Art. <http://www.worldfolkart.org>

      PS Check out <http://www.culturalentrepreneur.org>

      Thomas H. Aageson
      Executive Director
      Museum of New Mexico Foundation
      Santa Fe, New Mexico
      505/982-6366 ext. 110

      (3) From: <andersonmb@...>
      Take a look at the Native American Heritage museum in Anchorage Alaska. They are preserving native culture through exhibits and storytelling, and selling local tribes' artwork which continues their tradition. <http://www.alaskanative.net/>

      (4) From: "Gerry Higgins" <gerry.higgins@...>
      The maritime Museum on Genoa is operated by a social co-operative in partnership with a private company who leased the building from the municipality. It is a modern and well visited attraction with lots of artefacts and information relating to some guy called Columbus, born in Genoa and discovered a little island to the West. This co-operative also runs another museum in the city, large mansion stuffed with international treasures collected by an eccentric owner, great view and fab restaurant. I think the social co-operative is called Co-op Soldarieta Lavoro and they may also operate the Aquarium, the largest visitor attraction in the city.
      Two large social firms in Berlin (Mosaik and Lebenswelten) operate restaurants and cafe's in a number of the Museums in the city, an example of positive procurement.

      Gerry Higgins
      Chief Executive
      Telephone: 0141 4252907
      CEiS, Moorpark Court, Glasgow, Scotland. Tel:0141 425 2900 web: www.ceis.org.uk

      (5) From: "Murdock, Alex J" <alex.murdock@...>

      This may be of interest - some years back a business case was published on it <http://www.cromarty-courthouse.org.uk>
      Professor Alex Murdock Chair of Emmaus South Lambeth Head of Centre for Government and Charity Management Director of Master in Voluntary Administration London South Bank University Borough Rd London
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