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Re: Nonprofit-forprofit partnerships

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  • Rolfe Larson
    Here are two more comments addressing the following request from Sida Ly-Xiong at Fieldstone Alliance: I m searching for situations where the a nonprofit and
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 30, 2007
      Here are two more comments addressing the following request from
      Sida Ly-Xiong at Fieldstone Alliance:

      "I'm searching for situations where the a nonprofit and a forprofit work
      together in activities that are closely aligned and mutually beneficial.
      Where the "business success" of one is tied to the success of the other.
      Where they are truly mutually inter-dependent."

      (1) Bob Musser <bmusser@...>

      We are a for profit business that has been built precisely on this
      premise, that nonprofit-forprofit partnerships can and should be an
      important component of our communities, with strong benefits for both
      parties. Our business, providing an inlet to eBay and the online
      marketplaces for the local community, was built on a foundation of
      partnering with nonprofits to help them become more sustainable.

      As a core component of our business we provide a job skills program
      and the ability for nonprofits to generate revenue from donated
      merchandise, in addition to a business opportunity. We have found
      that the partnership and the efforts we provide to help our nonprofit
      partners has provided us with numerous benefits on the business side
      as well.

      I would be happy to share more information with you if you contact me
      via email or phone.

      Bob Musser
      Auction Inn

      [Moderator's note #1: I've done some work with Auction Inn; they offer an interesting and compelling example of a nonprofit-forprofit partnership. Their model helps the nonprofit pursue its mission and sustainability goals, while enabling the forprofit to pursue its goals as well, in a complementary way.]

      (2) Leonardo Letelier [lletelier@...]

      Ashoka has a program - Full Economic Citizenship - that promotes just such
      ventures you mentioned.

      I am responsible for that program in Brazil (we will focus on housing and
      agriculture), but we also have operations in Mexico (already working in both
      areas) and India (starting to work on micro health insurance). Of course,
      beyond that the program VP sits in Ashoka HQ, in D.C.

      Let me know more of what you are looking for so I can better help you.

      Leonardo Letelier
      Full Economic Citizenship
      Senior Executive

      [Moderator's note #2: Ashoka needs no introduction. The website for their Full Economic Citizenship program is
      http://www.ashoka.org/fec ]

      [Moderator's note #3: earlier comments on nonprofit-forprofit partnerships can be viewed at http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/npEnterprise/message/2657 . Note: you'll need a yahoo ID (free) to access this posting from npE's archives.]
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