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  • Rolfe Larson
    Thank-you for subscribing to the npEnterprise Forum, designated by the Social Enterprise Alliance as its official listserv. There are now more than 4000
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 30, 2007
      Thank-you for subscribing to the npEnterprise Forum, designated by the
      Social Enterprise Alliance as its "official" listserv. There are now more
      than 4000 subscribers, worldwide, to this forum. Welcome!

      Every so often we send out this summary of tips to help you get the most
      from your subscription:

      1. Please note that the focus of this listserv is earned income strategies,
      rather than general nonprofit management issues or fundraising, or to
      promote services, events or job postings. Before posting a message, we
      encourage new subscribers to "lurk" for a couple of weeks to get a feel
      for the conversation.

      2. A great source of information about topics previously discussed on the
      forum can be found at the frequency asked questions (FAQ) section of our web
      site at http://www.npEnterprise.net/ This is also the web site to
      recommend to your colleagues who might also want to subscribe. FAQs listed
      there include: Tax & Legal Considerations, SE Examples, Online Database of
      SEs, SE Partnerships, Microfinance, Pricing, and Measuring Outcomes.

      3. To send a message to the listserv, simply email it to
      npEnterprise@yahoogroups.com . Send your message as "plain text"
      rather than as "html," to avoid goofy formatting. The message must come
      from an email address that currently subscribes to the listserv. No
      attached files please. Please include your name and organizational
      affiliation. Please note that the moderators reserve the right to select or
      combine messages for distribution to the list. Sometimes there is a backlog
      of messages waiting to be distributed to the list, so it might take a few
      days before your message goes out to the list.

      4. To respond to a message from the listserv, hit the reply button and write your message. Double check your subject line, and make sure that it summarizes the topic. If you subscribe to the digest format of the list, then the subject line will automatically be something like "Digest Number 123." Please change it to the subject line for the posting you're addressing. (If you want to write directly to the person who posted the message, edit the "to" line to indicate the author's email address.)

      5. If you wish to let folks know about an event or a job opening in the
      field of social enterprise, please send it to sarah@... , rather
      than post it to the listserv. She may be willing to place it in the
      Enterprising Voice, which is SEA's bi-weekly email newsletter, and is
      distributed both to the npEnterprise Forum and to SEA's email distribution
      list -- with a total circulation >10,000. Priority is given to SEA members.
      Deadline for sending items to Sarah is the Friday before publication of each
      issue of the EV.

      6. Finally, while we encourage subscribers to communicate with each other in
      the spirit of colleagues sharing information and contacts, calling or
      emailing subscribers for promotional reasons is inconsistent with the
      purpose of this listserv. The moderators reserve the right to remove from
      the list anyone who violates this principle.

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