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    Here are the responses to April Harmon s question about starting up a nonprofit salon and spa. (1) Pat Bogenschuetz We are not a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2005
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      Here are the responses to April Harmon's question about starting up a
      nonprofit salon and spa.

      (1) Pat Bogenschuetz <pbogenschuetz@...>

      We are not a salon or a spa, but we have started a non-profit natural
      healing center, focused especially on low-income persons. We are about 3
      years old, and we offer massage, Reiki, acupuncture, Yoga, Tai Chi, etc. It
      is possible, and I would love to share how we did it.

      (2) Darryl H. Ng <holybobb@...>

      At a cursory glance, the salon/spa industry is one of
      the more difficult industries to break into.
      Typically, to start a nonprofit social enterprise
      requires a lot of due diligence and feasibility
      analysis before committing limited resources to the

      I would check out any national or regional
      associations for the industry and start making a lot
      of phone calls. The great thing about being a
      nonprofit is that more people are apt to talk with

      Hope it helps.


      Darryl H. Ng
      Director of New Business Ventures
      Dana Bell
      "Promoting health and education in Burma (Myanmar)"

      (3) From Mark Grimes <tixeon@...>

      Sometime in the near future a new book called "Reinventing
      Capitalism << Soul in the Machine" by Howard Bloom
      (http://www.howardbloom.net) is being published. It is very much in
      the vein of Social Entrepreneurs and Social Enterprise thinking.

      Howard has been called "the Darwin, Einstein, Newton, and Freud
      of the 21st Century" by Britain's Channel4 TV and "the next
      Stephen Hawking" by Gear Magazine. I met Howard online a year or so
      and have very much enjoyed the first draft of his new book.

      Anyway thought I'd give a heads up to look to the new release shelf
      in the very near future for his book.


      Anything is possible April. See about partnering with a local NPO
      in your area and benefiting from their experience. You could
      possibly start your vision up under their NPO umbrella as a new
      partner with them. Plus it would give you a built in customer
      base. Good luck.

      Hope to meet some of you at the conference next week.

      mail2web - Check your email from the web at
      http://mail2web.com/ .
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