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Re: wiki business & new files

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  • nov_ialiste
    ... Thanks very much for the audio file. Sounds just as I would expect Novial to sound and I would probably sound very similar. No Novial words are
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 14, 2006
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      > 1- Aristoteles.MP3
      > This is a voice file of the Aristotle section from the Novial
      > WikiPedia. It's not perfect, but it will give people an idea of what
      > Novial sounds like. When I listened back to it, I noticed I had
      > neglected to stress a few -AL adjectives on the final syllable and,
      > at least once, I also failed to stress the word INKLUSANT on the
      > final syllable. But I don't have time to sit and do this over and
      > over again until I get it exactly right, so I'd prefer to let this
      > stand and go to work on another one -- unless someone feels there is
      > an error grievous enough that the whole thing ought to be re-done.

      Thanks very much for the audio file. Sounds just as I would expect
      Novial to sound and I would probably sound very similar.

      No Novial words are distinguished by stress differences, which is a
      great advantage. Some speakers might find it difficult to consistently
      stress in the right places or may not use strong stress at all. But
      that presents no comprehension problems.

      > Incidentally, there are a couple of problems with that page,
      > including several typoes. I fixed a couple of the typoes, but I
      > think there were others I just couldn't see when looking at the raw
      > code.
      > Also, when you enter the URL for this page manually, the
      > accented "e" acts up. At least it did when I tried to access it. It
      > converted the character to its hexidecimal code, making it display a
      > 404 (page not found) error... Well, I just tried it again to see
      > what the URL looked like. This time I got the bad URL but the page
      > was found. So maybe this is a problem they have fixed. Anyway, this
      > is what the URL ends up looking like, so you can decide if it's
      > worth changing or not:
      > http://nov.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aristot%C3%A9les
      > I would think about changing the page to a name without an accented
      > character so as to make the URL display correctly, but maybe it's
      > not a big deal.

      As Bruce said I chose to mark the stress with an accent otherwise it
      would be on the final syllable according to the standard rules. My
      general policy at present is to keep foreign proper nouns as in the
      original language or as a fair rendition (e.g. in transliterating from
      Cyrillic). Although the URL looks funny, it works fine in the wiki.

      > --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
      > By the way, on the topic of the Novial Wiki, it looks as though
      > there should be a link from the English-language general-information
      > page on Novial directly to the Novial-language Wiki. There isn't.
      > Could someone do this? I don't know what the best way would be to
      > display the link to Novial-medium articles. Maybe you could put a
      > prominent link next to the star symbol at the top of the page
      > reading "Articles in Novial" or something.

      There's already a special box linking to the Novial wikipedia (on the



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