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Stalker's Revenge

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  • Jimmy Romain
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2006

      After having read Kenneth E. Baker's book The Chosen One, I'll admit to being a little afraid of reading the sequel, Stalker's Revenge. Having read the first installment in the series, I knew that it would be an excellent book. But he has a way of making your own fears rear up to bite you in the butt and send you scurrying for the light switch.
      At the end of the first book, the core group is finally together. They are now ready to make the hardest part of their trip. They all have a different reason for being there, but something beyond them has called to people that the Deity knows can save the earth from destruction.
      Tony, the Chosen One, has started displaying amazing abilities that are both a blessing and a curse. She has tried to protect Bill, her boyfriend, from the worst of their new life, but she cannot do it anymore. Bill still isn't sure how he feels about going day to day, wondering if he'll live through the night.
      The rest of the group, from eleven-year-old Tammy to matronly Jane, ex-military and with the spine of steel, all they have now is each other. But they won't be alone for much longer. Stalker, the massive black Canadian timber wolf that is sensitive about his looks, senses the presence of something like the Guardian he knows lives inside Ben. But, where Ben's Guardian is something good and innocent, the thing he feels is black of soul and as evil as they come.
      Pete is slowly moving himself to a new location in hopes of destroying Rita, the most powerful computer ever built, and her creator, Ross, once Pete gets out of Rita's motherboard.
      Pete has used the unlimited resources he found in Rita's programs to call the infected people to him. Todd, Pete's second in command, has his own issues to work through. One of his soldiers ran off, and he's slowly losing control over his army.
      A new government has set itself up in the United States. Around the world, countries are destroying themselves in an attempt to control the outbreak of an unknown disease that turns some into cannibals and others into killing machines, while still others simply perish. Over one hundred billion people have died. With the odds being about a thousand to one, it seems that Tony's group is fighting a losing battle.
      While wonderfully crafted, this story isn't for those who suffer from paranoia. Mr. Baker will take your deepest fears in his hand and twist them into something new and terrifying. Stalker's Revenge will keep you up all night looking in dark corners and checking for the monster under the bed.
      Reviewed By Marissa
      © October 2005

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